My Top 5 Favorite Blogs

Hi guys! Today I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite blogs and honestly I would write about every single blog I know, but I read way too many. Yeah, it looks like somebody has a slight obsession for reading blogs…Whops! They’re all so inspiring and they always make my day. But I chose 5 of them, the ones I enjoy reading the most, you go! You can go check them out if you so wish.

  1. Zoella

This girl rocks! She has an amazing beauty blog and her writing/photography skills are matchless! Also she sometimes writes baking recipes and style lookbooks. Not gonna lie, but I’m in love with her blog and her content is just a load of fab, all in one place.

2. Oana Befort

Oana’s blog is more like an art and illustration blog, and this girl’s a serious talent. I love her blog also because of the free printables and calendars. This blog is such a dreamy place and her posts automatically make me smile!

3. Clover & Dot

Would you believe me I’d tell you this girl has an amazing blog, an online shop and four years of experience and she is just 16? My favorite thing is that she shares a ton of design tutorials, but also DIY and craft ideas. She really is a source of inspiration…

4. Poppy Deyes

Let’s just talk about Poppy’s amazing content and how much she’s an inspiration for me. Although her blog is a lifestyle blog, it’s a great place for food, travel and art lovers also and I love it!

5. Wonder Forest

Another amazing blog…Oh my god, I’m in love with every single one of Dana’s post. And the best part: free wallpapers. I am crazy inspired!

Take a look at my favorite 5 blogs and tell me what you think!


2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favorite Blogs

  1. themovement1316

    This was a really good post! And I love the layout! If you like reading blogs then maybe you would like mine :


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