Free Iphone Wallpaper #2

School started…Unfortunately. Tests and exams are just around the corner (for me, at least), homework’s getting harder and free time…well, let’s just not talk about it. It’s probably the reason I haven’t written anything on my blog, and I’m so sorry about it. But here’s the good part: I’m here with a little surprise for you!

Today’s post is…*drums please*…another free downloadable wallpaper for you (as you may already know from the title)! I love, love, love creating wallpapers, especially if I add a lil’ quote in there!

What do you think of it?


As I told you in my previous post, the wallpapers are designed for an Iphone 4. You can leave a comment if you want more versions!

Download Wallpaper Here

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

xx, Roxanne


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