Free Iphone Wallpaper #2

School started…Unfortunately. Tests and exams are just around the corner (for me, at least), homework’s getting harder and free time…well, let’s just not talk about it. It’s probably the reason I haven’t written anything on my blog, and I’m so sorry about it. But here’s the good part: I’m here with a little surprise for you!

Today’s post is…*drums please*…another free downloadable wallpaper for you (as you may already know from the title)! I love, love, love creating wallpapers, especially if I add a lil’ quote in there!

What do you think of it?


As I told you in my previous post, the wallpapers are designed for an Iphone 4. You can leave a comment if you want more versions!

Download Wallpaper Here

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

xx, Roxanne


Free Iphone Wallpaper #1

Hi! Lately I’ve been working on some free downloadable wallpapers for you, and here you go! This is just one of my inspirational hand-lettered wallpapers.

My favorite part is the inspirational quote each one owns.

Here’s a closer look:


As I said, I love the message. Isn’t it lovely? Let’s just remind ourselves that nothing is impossible, and we can break every wall in our way!

Download Wallpaper Here!

xx, Roxanne

P.S. This wallpaper is designed for an Iphone 4, but let me know if you want more versions!


DIY quote art

I am into drawing and hand lettering, and that’s a known fact. So today I am going to show you how to make this really easy DIY quote art, that can be customized to whatever quote you want. Put it in a frame and you got a beautiful wall decoration!image

You will need:

  • Black – or any color – sharpie ( you can also use paint, but for some reasons I chose the sharpie)
  • A sheet of paper ( or canvas, if you so wish )
  • Pencil and erser
  • ( if you chose to use paint ) obviously, you’ll need some paint brushes in different sizes


Take out your pencil and start sketching your quote. I decided to write “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow” because I find it really inspirational. Make sure to draw lightly, so you can easily erase it afterwards.

Now simply take your sharpie, draw over the pencil lines and that’s it! If you’re using paint, use a bigger brush then come back with a smaller one to clean the edges. You should wait at least a day after you can erase the pencil lines.


And I actually spelled “tomorrow” wrong, but when I realized it, it was just too late to undo the mistake…Whops! 😀 😀

Anyway, I hope you had a great holiday. Mine is about to end, but it surely was amazing – just the fact I didn’t have to go to school made it awesome! 😉

xx, Roxanne

My Top 5 Favorite Blogs

Hi guys! Today I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite blogs and honestly I would write about every single blog I know, but I read way too many. Yeah, it looks like somebody has a slight obsession for reading blogs…Whops! They’re all so inspiring and they always make my day. But I chose 5 of them, the ones I enjoy reading the most, you go! You can go check them out if you so wish.

  1. Zoella

This girl rocks! She has an amazing beauty blog and her writing/photography skills are matchless! Also she sometimes writes baking recipes and style lookbooks. Not gonna lie, but I’m in love with her blog and her content is just a load of fab, all in one place.

2. Oana Befort

Oana’s blog is more like an art and illustration blog, and this girl’s a serious talent. I love her blog also because of the free printables and calendars. This blog is such a dreamy place and her posts automatically make me smile!

3. Clover & Dot

Would you believe me I’d tell you this girl has an amazing blog, an online shop and four years of experience and she is just 16? My favorite thing is that she shares a ton of design tutorials, but also DIY and craft ideas. She really is a source of inspiration…

4. Poppy Deyes

Let’s just talk about Poppy’s amazing content and how much she’s an inspiration for me. Although her blog is a lifestyle blog, it’s a great place for food, travel and art lovers also and I love it!

5. Wonder Forest

Another amazing blog…Oh my god, I’m in love with every single one of Dana’s post. And the best part: free wallpapers. I am crazy inspired!

Take a look at my favorite 5 blogs and tell me what you think!

2016 Goals

Photo Credits

Happy new year beautiful people! I hope 2016 treats you well and I hope it will be happier and luckier than 2015. To kick off the year I thought I’d share my 2016 goals with you and hopefully I will achieve all of them. This is quite impossible, because I am just too lazy :D, but I’ll try my best!

Improve writing skills

I really enjoy writing, but I know there are a lot of things to be learned. Improving writing skills will lead me closer to my dream career: a writer. I know there are many years in front of me, but I am determined to be the best from a young age.

Improving photography skills

I don’t think I have to tell you how much I love taking photos. But I have not always got time for this. I am just too busy… I wish I’d had the power to stop time, so I could spend hours taking loads of photos, but this is impossible. For this year, my plan is to take some time and simply go outdoors to take pictures of…anything in my way!

Spending more time blogging

For me, blogging is one of the few things that make me truly happy, even though I just started . Sometimes, I just want to give up but then I remember how good it feels to have a brand new article ready to be published. I think this is normal for learner bloggers. And I like to believe that with time and more practice, my posts are going to be better and better. I just have to be patience.

What are your plans for 2016?



How to get Cozy in Winter

20th of December. Can you believe it? I mean, Christmas was months ago and now it’s only days…photo-1418073067875-c5f5ba16fe75

It happens all the time, doesn’t it? Time passes so fast! I was just to busy to realize that there are 5 more days until Christmas day, witch is sooo

If you live in a cold climate, there comes a time where you have to embrace these cold winter days. Spending your holidays in bed because you don’t know what to do can get really boring…So I thought I would share with you some of my ideas for the coziest winter that are sure to warm your body and spirit on even the coldest day!

One of the things I really enjoy doing is lighting a fire. The best thing about it is that you don’t necessary need a fireplace! I found on YouTube an 1 hour video with a burning fireplace (and crackling fire sounds also) that is absolutely AMAZING! Turn off the lights and…voila! You have the coziest environment ever.image

If you want to get super festive, put on some Christmas carols! My favorite band to listen to this time of the year is Pentatonix. I’m sure you have heard of them, but if you haven’t, make sure to check them out because they are incredible!

Pull out every fluffy blanket, cozy festive sweater or any other warm throw you’ve got. I prefer cuddling up in a cozy nest watching Christmas movies than doing anything else, don’t you?  And if you add a hot cocoa with marshmallows…Yum!image

I don’t know why, but I find taking photos very relaxing this time of the year. Maybe it’s just me, but you have a lot of things to photograph: the snow falling, gingerbread houses, Christmas trees and decorations…Every photo is a memory, so if you want this Christmas to remain in your heart, this is the perfect way so far!imageimageimageimage

Thanks for reading! I’ll TTYL-so I’ll leave you with this pic (probably my favorite decoration of them all).image

Happy Holidays!

Credits: Unsplash, myself